The DTŚ highway

Project: Kontynuacja budowy Drogowej Trasy Średnicowej ZACHÓD odcinek Zabrze-Gliwice, Podprojekt 2 - odcinki Z3, Z4 w Zabrzu oraz G1 w Gliwicach / Beneficiary: The Silesia Voivodeship / Implementation time: 2007-2014 / Total value of the project: PLN 561.53 million / The ROP SV funding: PLN 183.71 million

The target of the project is to extend road system in the Katowice conurbation with a new section of Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa (DTŚ is „diametral highway” – a highway which runs through the conurbation and connects 5 cities : Katowice, Chorzów, Świętochłowice, Ruda Śląska and Zabrze). The new section Zabrze-Gliwce will ensure a better access from these cities to 2 of the most important motorways in Poland : A1 and A4.

The implementation of the project contributes to a sustainable development of the voivodeship, integration of the Katowice conurbation residents and environmental protection : the quantity of exhaust gases emitted into the atmosphere will be smaller, the level of noice will be reduced, traffic will be partly transferred from local roads to more durable regional ones.

Apart from the newly built section of the A1 motorway, the extention of DTŚ is the most important road investment in the Silesian Voivodeship. Altogether, DTŚ will connect 6 cities (including Gliwice). It will not replace the A1 motorway, which is parallel to DTŚ and designer for though traffic. Its aim is to improve traffic flow within the Katowice conurbation (it is about 88% of the whole traffic in this area).

Today the length of DTŚ is 15,5 km (from the junction with Road 86 in Katowice to the border between Ruda Śląska and Zabrze), on most of which it is a dual carrigeway with 3 lanes which meets the highest safety standards. In the future, the DTŚ will be over 30 km long and will run through the whole silesian part of the Katowice conurbation : from the junction with Road 86 to the junction with Road 88 in Gliwice).

This project belongs to the category of so-called „large projects”. Each project worth more than EUR 50 mln (more than EUR 25 mln in case of environmental protection) requires approval of the European Commission.


Progress of the work:

October 2008 – the contract with the general contractor, Budimex-Dromex S.A. Warsaw, was signed and works started

October 2009 - a public consultation was held

November 2010 – the designers of remaining 2 segments were chosen

June 2011 – two segments of the West section, which are 5 km long and run to the city centre, were put into use

The section of DTŚ in Zabrze is a dual carriageways with three-lanes, hard shoulders and exits leading to four junctions. Many objects were built there: 7 viaducts, 2 footbridges, 2 foot tunnels and noice barrier (2.5 km long, 2-5 m high). In the preparatory stage 80 buildings were demolished and almost 400 flats were built in the housing estate Jodłowa in the immediate area of the highway.

The extention of the DTŚ in Zabrze required over 100 000 tonnes of asphalt and 29 000 m3 of concrete. Along the West section there are more than 600 new trees, more than 2.300 new bushes and 11 000 new creeper plants. Moreover, 110 000 m2 of lawns were planted.

January 2012 – a tender for contractor of the two remaining segments of the DTŚ in Zabrze was open

The second half of 2012 – the construction will probably start

The first half of 2014 – the two remaining segments of the DTŚ in Zabrze and a junction with A1 motorway will be probably put into use

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